About Us

Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics provides fashion-forward beauty for any budget (because a beautiful face shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg).

With a product line featuring high intensity nail enamels, mineralized baked eye shadows, eye and lip liners with built-in sharpeners, high quality lip glosses, along with our perennially popular and highly sought after pure pigment eye dusts, it’s no wonder Jesse’s Girl is a hit with women who value top-quality products but not necessarily department store prices.

Jesse’s Girl has experienced double digit-growth in sales since its 2005 debut in the beauty industry and now has a presence in more than 3,000 stores in the United States. High-quality products combined with very attractive pricing are both keys to the company’s successes. In today’s economy, many department-store cosmetics fans are switching to drugstore budget brands.

Jesse’s Girl fans are lip gloss lovers, seekers of eye shadow, and nail enamel enthusiasts who are actively blogging about our products and newest releases, as well as posting videos to YouTube featuring our latest and greatest offerings.